Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of the Arkansas Greyhound Basketball club is to provide the youth of Crittenden County, Arkansasthe opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of basketball at an increasingly competitive level. We offer a program, which will develop and improve individual as well as team skills, promote good sportsmanship, teamwork, and at the same time build lasting relationships. The Arkansas Greyhounds demand a high degree of ethical conduct by all its coaches, players, volunteers, and parents so that it provides a good example for the community, opponents, and its participants.  By having such standards we will assist all team members in becoming leaders. In accomplishing these goals, the Arkansas Greyhounds will provide our players with additional exposure to the game of basketball thereby enhancing their opportunity to play at the middle school and high school level or beyond.

 Goals and Objectives:

 1. Offer a program that focuses on basketball skills development, team play, basketball education, and positive club activities. Provide team players with an opportunity to have fun!
2. To be financially sound and provide affordable membership to all those who are willing and able to make a commitment to our club.
3. Be an example of class and quality, conducting ourselves in an honorable and sportsmanlike manner.
4. Strive to seek out the strongest competition. Strong competition helps the team improve and reveals our weaknesses.
5. To be a positive force in the local community by seeking out opportunities for community service.

 Coaching Philosophy and Strategy:

 It will be the responsibility of the coaches to develop the team member’s individual character, physical skills, and knowledge of the game of basketball. At its best, basketball is a team game. Success is built on disciplined practice which in turn leads to success in games and renews commitment to practicing. Arkansas Greyhound coaches will be responsible for assessing penalties for improper behavior or violations of club guidelines. Conflicting coaching ideas, concepts, or techniques will not be taught. All coaches will share common beliefs about teaching of fundamental concepts, therefore providing a continuous and proper learning environment.

Our method of instruction shall include:

Tell, Show, Drill-

Tell shall include verbal instruction or copies of plays that can be studied at home.

Showing shall take place by coaches or assistants and repeated by players.

Drill shall include the use of the specific fundamental and repeated many times to insure proper execution.